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HRC, Hair Replacement Center Established 1971.

Welcome to our web site. We were established in 1971 selling Toupee, Hairpieces, Hair systems, hair pieces for men and women wigs for men and women. We grew from one location in San Jose California to 12 locations in California by 1994 becoming California’s largest hair replacement center, and the second largest men and women hair replacement center in USA, after the famous Hair Club for men and women. This means we are bigger than Richard Farrell hair Replacement Company You will fid the following models of hairpieces, hair system, toupee, Hair replacement and hair pieces in this site. They are the finest quality and 100% money back guarantee, if returned uncut.

Buy Stock & Custom Hairpieces & Lace Hair pieces at almost Wholesale Prices
You can get perfect fitting hair systems, hair pieces , toupees or wigs through the mail - direct from the manufacturer - at a reasonable price? Will the hair replacement system be the same or of better quality than you buy from an expensive retail hair replacement studio?

If you have signed up for an expensive 'hair program' at the hair club for men and women and are stuck paying $250 or more per month for maintenance service pulse a $1500 up front fee to receive service and hairpieces and French Lace hair system or lace wig Wigs? Ask us about how you can legally and without any consequence 'Break Away' and we will teaches you how to take care of your hair system using our hair supplies- tape, adhesive, solvent- and take back control of your life!

We know how expensive that can be , we used to be 100% retail, now we are all mail order , internet sale with very low overhead which allows us to sell you the finest hair replacement, hair systems, toupee, hair piece, hairpiece to you at almost wholesale prices, guaranteed. All our sales are 100% money back guarantee if returned uncut.


Please browse our site to learn more and check our BLOG for resources on hair systems, toupee, hair pieces, lace wigs, and to see what our clients say. Check out our outstanding hair piece supplies. It's never been easier to buy hair direct from the finest manufacturer!

Welcome to HRC, . We’re the number one wigs, hairpieces and accessories shop on the web. Whatever your need for hair replacement may be, we offer the most comprehensive range, selected from all the leading brands the highest quality products at the most competitive almost wholesale prices. Men’s hair system, male wigs , wigs for men and women ,wigs, ladies wigs, wig, UK wigs, monofilament wigs, synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, medical wigs, alopecia wigs, 100% human hair extensions, hair extension, skin hair extensions, clip in extensions, clip on extensions, hair do, hairdo,, human hair extensions, human hair extensions, Jessica Simpson hair extensions, tru2life, true2life cancer wigs, chemotherapy wigs, long wigs, short wigs, curly wigs, blonde wigs, Raquel Welch wigs , wig fiber, Natural Image, real hair wigs, wig care, wig style, wig size. website members can once again enjoy an additional 10% discount on all their purchases, when they place double orders.

We offer free expert and personal advice from our highly skilled wig and hairpiece consultants, with over 39 years experience. we are second to none in our knowledge of the wig and hairpiece industry. We are dealing with chemotherapy patients and alopecia suffers everyday where we stock hundreds of styles in fiber and human hair, custom made wigs, hairpieces and men's units are one of our specialties. We offer a personal caring service for all our clients, personal resizing for petite and large head sizes plus a restyling and revamping service is also available.

We offer a personal caring service for all our clients. Personal resizing for petite and large head sizes also a restyling and revamping service is also available.
HRC, Hair replacement center offers our customers fantastic deals on a wide range of our products. Why not visit us in person; many of our clients from the South of England have already done so.

HRC hair systems fool any high definition movie cameras... Here at HRC we produce our hair replacements in a manner that they can regularly pass the close scrutiny of high definition cameras in the film industry. HRC has several TV and movie actor clients, musicians, and other types of entertainment type industry personalities who never get detected, even in close up scrutiny.

Get Up close and personal! HRC Hair Replacement systems regularly pass the close inspection of cameras of the film industry. We have several clients who are actors, musicians and other types of entertainment industry personalities. HRC, there is no magic! HRC always delivers what he promises. HRC is simply the Best hair replacement system in the World and is also the least expensive. Think it’s hard to believe? Come in and see for yourself!

HRC’s hair replacement technology is straight from the Hollywood’s big film production’s need for realism. Our hair systems are completely natural looking. HRC’s work is in complete contrast to everything else we have ever seen, in short, HRC hair system really does look like natural growing hair."

You can Buy HRC Hair Systems Almost Everywhere Since HRc only sells on line with low overhead. We have sold hairpiece hair system hair replacement to out clients in the following countries:

USA, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, China, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, South Korea, India, Australia, Netherlands, Taiwan, Argentina, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Russia, Austria, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, Mexico.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System

All men can remember how it feels like to run your fingers through your hair? Or even better, when someone else did? With HRC’s hair loss replacement options you can stop reminiscing and experience that feeling. Because the non-surgical HRC hair replacement incorporates your hair with human hair to not only look real, but feel real.

HRC’s key to achieving the naturalness of our hair replacement option, is its Strand by Strand Process. HRC accomplish this by closely examining the crown area of your head that may be balding or thinning and then adding real human hair in the same natural way that it grows. HRC hair replacement system professionals create a virtually undetectable matrix of crisscrossing, transparent fibers that are shaped to specifically fit the balding and thinning areas of your head. Our customized matrix is then integrated into your own hair using our various lace materials, Swiss, French, or welded to create a seamless look. So no matter how close you get, no one will notice a thing with the HRC hair replacement system.

When all don, we will refer you to a professional hair stylist in your town to complete your look with the cut and style of your hair. HRC does not merely just aim to make you look as good as you did; HRC always shooting for even better. When styling your hair, the expert stylist we refer to you into consideration your age which determines the hair density we recommend, to create a look that will make heads turn. You can send to us your picture or a magazine photo to one of our headquarter in Beverly Hills California, if you like. When we're done with the replacement process, it won't be the picture magazine you'll be admiring, but yourself in the mirror.

Only you can make the decision that could change the rest of your life. Call or e mail us to see if the HRC hair loss alternative is right. Start demanding more today. Learn how the non-surgical HRC hair replacement process can help your hair loss. lthough no one likes to admit it, we all form our first impression about people based entirely on their physical appearance. And once that first impression is etched in our minds it is very difficult to change. While men are particularly guilty of this behavior, the 'fairer' sex is not really any more fair. Just ask any young person suffering from hair loss.

HRC Main locations in CALIFORNIA

Los Angeles , San Diego , San Jose , San Francisco , Long Beach , Fresno , Sacramento , OaklandSanta Ana , Anaheim , Riverside , Stockton, Bakersfield , Modesto , Fremont , Glendale , ChulaVista, San Bernardino , Huntington Beach , Oxnard